A month after the election, December 2022

While I haven’t posted on the firm’s blog page for the last few months, I have posted more days than not the last year on various social media platforms while I was running for office.

It is now about 5 weeks post the election and I thought I should get back to the firm’s blog.  While I never stopped working on clients’ cases until the race, I did respond to clients emails, texts, etc., outside of office hours (which I didn’t do before the campaign as you want an attorney who has a life outside of work).  Now that the campaign is over, unless there is an emergency, you will get a response during the next day, when the office is open. 

For anyone who hasn’t run for office (that was my first time I have run for office), it is very odd when the day after the election you can stop attending 3 or more events a day and stop posting on social media constantly.  I had already had the time on my calendar to go pick up big yard signs the day after the election, no matter what the result was.  I told people this the day after the election, but if you still have one of my signs, you can drop it off at my office, recycle it or save it in case I run again. 

As it is hard to downshift after the election is over, my sister invited me to see her get admitted to practice at the U.S. Supreme Court (I was admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, thru the mail, but if you have a group, you can be sworn in before Oral Arguments).  That was very cool.  The attorneys being admitted very called on individually to stand and then again when as a group to be sworn in. 

I was watching, as from where I was sitting, as Justice Jackson looked at the list being called and looked up for each person being called. 

Then I stayed to listen for Oral Arguments, as one does.

That was on November 30th and I left D.C. on December 1st, not knowing I would be back in DC on December 13, 2022 to see the Respect for Marriage Act be signed at the White House. 

That is for tomorrow’s blog post.