Civil Rights

There are different types of Civil Rights violations. Our office generally handles LGBT rights violations, but not exclusively.

In Kentucky, there are three levels for you to appeal a civil rights violation, depending on where you are.

If you are in a city, and about half of Kentucky is covered by these, those that have a “Fairness Ordinance”, then you may be able file a claim with the local EEOC office to report the issue.

If you are anywhere in Kentucky, you are covered by the Kentucky Civil Rights Laws and can make a claim under those.

Also, if you are anywhere in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or anywhere in the United States of America, you can file for a violation of your Federal Civil Rights.

In order to file under any of these, you will have to show that you were treated differently due to your status, which can things such as skin color, gender or national origin.

To date, our office has filed suit (and we only lists the lawsuits filed as that is public record) against the State of Kentucky, Galen College of Nursing , Henry County Board of Education , General Electric (now Haier) and Speedway (owned by Marathon) for alleged Civil Rights violations against our clients. Some of these cases have been far reaching, for example we filed the same-sex marriage case in Kentucky that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, and some are just to allow our clients to be paid back for what they lost at their job, or school.

Each case is different and will be handled that way. While we have made national news, we are really interested in helping each client get the best result possible.

Filed Cases

  • Bourke v. Beshear and Love v. Beshear (which became part of Obgerfell v. Hodges)
  • Gilliam vs. Galen College of Nursing
  • Vinonva vs. Henry County Board of Education
  • Mickens vs. General Electric
  • Neal vs. Speedway