Traffic Court

How many times can I take traffic school?

There is no limit to the number of times you can take traffic school, but you can’t go for more than one ticket every 12 months.

How long are the points taken off of my license?

For two years.

Why shouldn’t I just pay the ticket?

If the ticket is something that will make you lose points off your license, it will also increase your insurance costs, so it may be better for you to hire an attorney to see if we can work it out so that you have less or no points off of your license.

Family Law

Response time

We try and return all phone calls and emails the same day we receive them. It may not always be possible, but we will do our best to get back to you the same day, it is a work day. However, sometimes the attorneys are unable to respond the same day if we are in Court all day, but will be back with you as soon as possible.

Personal Injury

What is a statute of limitations?

It is the time that you have in order to collect on an accident

What is the statute of limitations in Kentucky?

In general, an accident that is not with a car; is one year from the date you were injured. Which means that you have to file a lawsuit before that time is up.
In general, an accident with a car; you have two years from the date you were injured. Which means that you have to file a lawsuit before that time is up.



Bankruptcy is generally a flat fee, which means the cost is going to be the same. The only time we charge additional money is for any additions or corrections once the case is filed. We will go over that will you when you come in.

Social Security

The Social Security Administration sets the amount we get paid. If we win, we get paid $25 of the back pay you are awarded, up to $6000. This means if you get $4000, we get $1000. If you get over $24,000, we can only get up to $6,000.

Personal Injury Cases

The percentage we get paid depends on if we have settle the case without filing suit, have to file a lawsuit or end up going to trial. The reason for this is that most cases settle without going to trial and therefore we take a smaller amount from those. If we have to file a lawsuit, the lawyer and the firm have put in more work on the case and get a higher percentage.

Uncontested divorce

Is a flat fee, which means one fee upfront.