10 life events or other changes that can mean you need to update your documents this year.

1. Have you had a child?
2. Have you gotten married?
3. Have you gotten divorced?
4. Has your child turned 18?
5. Do you need to change who you want to be responsible for your child if you die before the child turns 18?
6. Did you change who you wanted to be in charge of your assets?
7. Did you change what you want done for your end-of-life care?
8. Have you moved to Kentucky (or any other State)?
9. Have you had a death in the family or a friend, which means you may have to change who you were going to leave property to, or leave in charge of something?
10. Or has someone made you annoyed enough you need to take them out of your documents?

These are just a few examples of things what can cause you to get new or updated documents made by your attorney.