Four Things to Do for the Beginning of the Year, from an attorney.

Four Things to do for the beginning of the Year, from an attorney

1. Update your Will, if you have gotten married, divorced, had anyone in your Will become and adult or pass away;

2. Update your Living Will also know as your Health Care Surrogate, just think, If you got divorced, do you want your former spouse to be the one who decides when to end care for you?;

3. If your child has become an adult, and depending on what State you live in, you may need to file a motion to stop child support. For example, in Kentucky if the child has turned 18 and is out of High School, you need to make a motion to stop child support, as it isn’t automatic; and

4. If you have a child entering college or in college, make sure to the FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).