10 things to not do when you have a lawyer

As a guideline, below are things you should not do when you have an attorney:

  1. Do not try and negotiate your own case;
  2. In other words, don’t to talk to the person you have a case against.
  3. Also, if you do talk to them, don’t say well my lawyer says.
  4. Don’t forgot that you are paying an attorney for their time, so don’t surprised when you are billed when you don’t see what the lawyer did, we do work outside of court.
  5. Also, don’t be surprised that if you call or email an attorney all the time, your bill will reflect that.
  6. Don’t be upset if you didn’t tell your attorney something because you didn’t think it was important and it is.
  7. Don’t get the cheapest attorney you can find, try to get a referral from someone you know who has used an attorney before, or even take a referral rom someone whose attorney was beaten by said attorney.
  8. Don’t call the attorney an hour after you left a message to see why they haven’t called you back.
  9. Don’t expect results the same day you hired the attorney.
  10. Don’t think you have hired the attorney if you have not paid them yet.


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