Ten years of practice

Ten years of practice

As of next month, I will have been practicing law for a decade. I originally went to law school, after Peace Corps, to handle a general practice, specifically dealing with the issues faced by the immigrant community. After living and working overseas, I saw how difficult it could be to navigate the legal issues in a country one did not grow up in.

Now, once I changed my name from a more ethnic one back to my maiden name, many of those clients no longer used me and I proceeded to handle a general practice for all types of clients. Most of my business has been working with Social Security Disability and Bankruptcy, as that allows me to drastically change people’s situation, for the better, which is why I became a lawyer.

Over the decade I have been practicing, the firm has added other lawyers at various times.

I handle criminal law; I mostly do misdemeanors (or little crimes as I call them). I became a lawyer to help people however we could under the law.

So, it was a natural extension for me to take on the same-sex marriage case two years ago. Over the last ten years, the firm has represented thousands of people to try and improve their lives. The cases of Bourke v Beshear and Love v. Beshear will impact people in Kentucky and the rest of the country So, my idea of a general practice what would help people in their everyday lives, has expanded over the last ten years to possibly have an impact across the country.

Not a bad ten years worth of work.

Shannon Fauver

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