The importance of your vote this election

Last year, 2015, only a fraction of Kentuckians voted and we elected a Governor without a mandate from the people as less than half the people in the Commonwealth of Kentucky voted.

This election cycle, we in Kentucky, and in the rest of the country, are voting for everything from who will hear your traffic case to who will nominate the next Supreme Court Justice(s) and everything in between.

Locally, the judges being elected to Circuit and District Court will be the people that most Kentuckians will see as the face of the justice system. At some time in their life, most people will either be in front of a judge for a traffic ticket, have to go through a divorce or could be called to jury duty. Who the judge is makes a difference in how that matter is handled and if you don’t know anything about the people running for office, please do your research or ask someone who works in the Court system (and it is never a good idea to just vote for someone because their last name looks familiar, as it could be someone completely different that you are voting for).

At the other spectrum of what you would be voting for is for the President of the United States. Again, this is regardless of your political belief system, your vote is a valuable thing and needs to be used wisely. Please look into the candidates’ actual statements, not just what the news says as we all know it depends on what news source you use as to what they will say about the candidate. The next President will not only have access to the nuclear launch codes, but he or she will be nominated Supreme Court Justice(s) that will impact this country for at least the next generation.

Despite some of the things being said, the next President can’t decide to take away the right for a woman to have an abortion or the right for same-sex people to be married, but a new Supreme Court Justice may be able to impact how broadly the laws are applied in relation to those things and so many others. I for one didn’t realize exactly how impactful the Supreme Court is when I was growing up, but after seeing the Justices in action, I can tell you that the vote for President (and their ability to nominate a Justice) is one of most impactful things that you can be a part of a citizen.

Please vote and if you aren’t sure who to vote for, please research it AND talk to people you respect to get their opinion on who you should vote for.



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