Waiting on the Supreme Court

Tomorrow the Supreme Court sits to decide if they are going to hear the cases from Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee. The Justices can decide to hear all the cases, some of the cases or none of the cases.

If the Justices decide to hear none of the cases at this point, and deny hearing any other same-sex marriage case, what does it mean for the clients? What it basically means for the residents of Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee is that their same-sex marriages are not valid in their home states and that those states do not have to allow same-sex marriage.

As of right now, married same-sex couples in Kentucky are only “federally married” not “Kentucky married”, to quote the clients. This means that they are treated legally as if they are strangers in their home states, even though the Federal Government recognizes their marriages at this point for things like Federal Income tax filing and bankruptcy.

We look forward to hearing that the Supreme Court will hear same-sex cases this term, maybe even Bourke v Beshear and Love v Beshear.

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