Proposed changes to Social Security Disability Hearings

For those of us that practice Social Security disability law some of this is already finalized and some is a possibility:
1. SSA is going to online scheduling where we submit the days we are available, months out, and they will set hearings;
2. That once you have a hearing date, you may not be able to withdraw as the attorney;
3. That if you sign the 75 day waiver, then they don’t have to give you any notice real notice so if all the records aren’t updated at all times, you can run up against the 5 day rule;
4. That we currently have no idea how they will handle the dire needs cases or the OTR (On The Record) requests.

Updated as this was written on 2/17/2019. As of 7/2/21 all of the above are in effect, other than you can withdraw, but have to a reason that the Judge will accept (for example you have lost contact with your client).