What if I want to file bankruptcy and own my own business?

Generally, anytime you run a business you should have it incorporated to make it a separate legally entity (if you have questions about that, let me know) and so in theory, it is protected if you file bankruptcy personally.
If the business is doing fine, and is incorporated, you can file a personal bankruptcy which should not (again SHOULD NOT) adversely impact your business. You will probably have to turn over more information about your finances than someone else who doesn’t own a business would, and some information about your business’s finances, but otherwise, it should be about the same amount of work on your end (but more work for your attorney) to get everything situated.
However, most people who run their own small business have signed off on most business contracts as a personal guarantor, which means if the business ends up having to file bankruptcy, most owners will have to file also, as they are responsible for that debt too.

So, if you think you may have to file either business or personal bankruptcy, contact an attorney who knows how to handle both.