Gender change forms for JCPS students

As of the beginning of this school year, 2016-2017, JCPS has a new form which allows for the changing of a student’s name and/or gender, in the record. This would mean that the name and gender of the child, could match their chosen name and gender identity.

This is in place of legal name change documentation. I just had to explain to a school’s bookkeeper why the form is needed. I am not faulting her, as this is new and she hadn’t dealt with it before. The form, Amendment of Education Record Request, has to be signed by a parent and submitted to the school. If the school decides not to amend the record, then the parent is entitled to a hearing on the matter.

The reasoning behind the form, in my opinion, is to allow the child to be called the name that they were not given at birth, but that they identify with. Yes, a Court Order for a name change would accomplish that, but that requires both parents to be notified, as many of these children are already at risk and statistically aren’t accepted by both parents, so a name change Order from the Court isn’t likely.

Further, as Kentucky requires that someone have gender reassignment surgery in order to change their gender on Birth Certificate, Driver’s license, etc, that isn’t a possibility for any student at JCPS, as they are too young for that to have happened.

This form is a huge step forward for the transgender children in JCPS.

(If there are any issues getting the form, you can contact me or tell the school administrator that is was in the back to school packet emailed from JCPS a that beginning of this school year.)


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