Ky Expungement Letter

This is an announcement. You are receiving this as you have previously had contact with the Fauver Law Office, PLLC. This is not related to any case you previously may have had with our office, this is a Public Service Announcement.

The expungement law has changed in Kentucky as of July 15, 2016. It is now possible to expunge most felonies, but not all. This will allow people who have never been able to get rid of a felony conviction in Kentucky do so, in most circumstances. The law has not changed in relation to misdemeanors, the majority of which have always been able to be expunged.

If this affects you, or a loved one, please contact an attorney, either at the Fauver Law Office, or somewhere else, so that rights can be restored for the first time in the history of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Shannon Fauver


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