Star Trek and same-sex marriage

How Star Trek and Marriage Equality are tied together, in my life The history of the same-gender marriage timeline have been discussed in other blog posts, but where same-gender (or same-sex) marriage began to intersect with Star Trek in my timeline was in 2012. In 2012, I filed the first same-gender bankruptcy case in Kentucky. At that point, some states … Continue reading Star Trek and same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court ruling from 1/16/15

We are on our way to the Supreme Court. On January 16, 2015, the US Supreme Court has granted cert for the cases from the 6th Circuit. This means that the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on the cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee regarding the bans on same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court will be hearing arguments … Continue reading The Supreme Court ruling from 1/16/15

Answers for Same-Sex Marriage case

The Answers on the same-sex marriage case for Louisville, Kentucky were due last Monday, September 16, 2013, but the Attorney General’s office has asked for an extension so that they can file responses to both lawsuits filed by this office. The second case was filed in Frankfort and the due date on those Answers are … Continue reading Answers for Same-Sex Marriage case

Ky Same-sex case to be a landmark Even if Kentucky doesn’t recognize their marriage, they are married in another state and it will come down to whether or not the Court here will allow one spouse to testify against another spouse when she has invoked spousal privilege. If they were a opposite sex married couple the court would have to allow … Continue reading Ky Same-sex case to be a landmark

DOMA struck down

Today, the US Supreme Court has ruled that DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) is unconstitutional and that married couples of any gender are entitled to the same protections as to opposite sex married couples. Of course, Kentucky has an amendment which bans same sex marriage, so that will have to be addressed next. … Continue reading DOMA struck down

Same-Sex bankruptcy case

In light of the ongoing US Supreme Court cases regarding marriage, I thought should talk about a case I have that is ongoing.  I represent two gentlemen who were married in New York and filed bankruptcy in Louisville Kentucky. After briefs, motions and hearings, my clients have the only same-sex marriage that is currently recognized … Continue reading Same-Sex bankruptcy case